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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Get Personal Mobile SMS Shortcode for FREE

Get Personal Mobile SMS Shortcode for FREE

Consider this: You meet a new person or you give a VCard to someone which reads…

"To know more about me/To know more about the product, SMS to 5xxxx"

Doesn't leave a good impression on the minds of others, that this person is really kewl and a hi-tech kinda guy/gal and spending a lot on advertising too?

But guess what! What if you get these Keywords for free, so that every time you can say "To know more about me SMS "Name" to 5xxxx, quiet impressive isn't it?

Yes you heard it right, its free and SMSMEON has started a new Venture where you can get your keyword for free and manage your account to send what SMS to send to anyone who access the keyword..

Example: My keyword is iAbhishek. So you send a SMS "iAbhishek" to 56070 and you will get my details.

Whats more, you can have sub-keywords, i.e one can send "iAbhishek Location" to find my current location (It reminds me of twitter in a 'pull way!')

So get yourself your desired keyword (Your Name) before anyone takes, I was a bit late so have to settle with iAbhishek, you don't wait get one for yourself!

Advantage: Can be given instead of email ID or Domain Name. Or you can give it alongwith other ids.

Disadvantage: Mobile operators charge premium SMS rate to anyone who sends SMS to your shortcode. This limits many from using it.

Anyways there is no harm in getting one for yourself as its free, go to www.smsmeon.com for more info.

Link: SMSMEON | How it works

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