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Monday, 1 December 2008

Why Blame Pakistan?

Dear Country men,
Don't blame Pakistan.Make no mistake, our politician have fooled us, all the time by deflecting our attention to Pakistan.RAW,NAVY,IB,COAST GAURD,COPS,ATS etc etc, could not stop 10 kids from entering Mumbai, by boats, inspite of the tip offs.CM took 90 minutes to understand the sitiuation, Dy CM feels that since 5000 were planned to be killed we escaped by only losing 200, so it is a small incident.Three fine ATS Officers , with just pistols were sitting ducks.Only NSG knows to handle these situations, these skilled brave men are wasted in protecting these corrupt political eunuches. A lot needs to be done, BUT if we do not do anything NOW, tommorow more kids from Male, Nepal, Bnagaldesh, Bhutan will walk in to our cities and plant bombs in our hearts.All head of RAW,IB,NAVY,COAST GAURDS,POLICE,HOME MINISTERS(do not let them escape by resigning) should be tried for treason and given death penalty.PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND TO ATLEAST TEN COUNTRYMEN, DO YOUR COUNTRY A FAVOUR.WHY BLAME PAKISTAN.?

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