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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Peace - A Pseudo Word in this World

Peace-- Guess where n all u heard it....Hmmmmm..well everywhere isn't it. Gandhi saying..OK...then there was Nehru..speaking about it( ironically the Chinese weren't listening). Aishwarya Rai uttered them too..World Peace!!!!...But guess what!!!!!!!!!.... is this word really followed by a community or just is it a individuals dictionary prologue.
Man has never been in peace with himself or his community for the very reason that he sees himself different from others. Hitler i guess was the only man who practised what he preached( well that didn't end well, as we all know).
Truth is we are too fragile to understand that hatred is bullshit & superiority n inferiority are just terms that have no meaning when it comes to life.

Take for instance the recent fight between the north Indians and localities in Mumbai(Maharashtra). Where is the Peace??...we well understand the consequences of a battle still we step into a war that spits nothing but trouble....

SAVE This Country!!!..Save Yourself..cause soon it will be your head on the palate.

Here is blog that just might help you with a perspective quiet similar to the one above,


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