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Monday, 24 November 2008

Paid Surveys And Paypal

Well do paid surveys , really work...hard question to answer i guess. In fact study show that only 30% of all paid surveys available on the Internet actually pay. Also, paid surveys get a lot of users owing to their dislike of PTC, PPC etc. Paid surveys are easy to handle. But many don't realise the fact, that cheating a paid survey is not all the simple. First of most surveys mostly built for US, UK and Canada citizens, there are hardly any surveys applicable for International Consumers. Also if u look closely, most of these surveys include Q which are repetitive to check ur authenticity.
So its likely and wise to switch to a survey that pays internationally by PAYPAL....

The most popular YET CONTROVERSIAL survey in market being the A.W.Survey...there have been instance of users being paid successfully and others being duped..guess the final result is yet to be declared.

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