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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Citizen Journalist

CNN India is on the verge of setting a mass innovative stage by upstaging the Citizen Journalist Program. For all those who are unaware of this fiasco. Please check in for details as they deal with real people , real problem and how a ordinary citizen vouches to stand up against this covert act of heroism and showcase the world the limitless power he possess
Check Out And Be one of Them..
Be a Citizen Journalist

OFW, Hong Kong, Filipino
Online blog of a Chinese-Filipino SAHM. Loves shopping, shoes and bags, parenting, traveling, wide reader, shutterbug, tech and gadgets, trying different cuisines, home and health topics.

Shopping, tech and gadgets, health and fitness, home and hearth, reading, dining, traveling, photography, parenting, fitness Chinese-Filipino

this is a general blog, talks anything under the sun, writes for personal experiences even required keywords to include.
personal journal, diary, monetizing blog, blog for money

personal blog that talks about everything and anything under the sun, writes based on personal experiences using keywords
blog for money, personal journal, diary, blogging, monetizing blog

This is the personal blog of a 20-something female living in Delaware. Please use the following links when reviewing my site: url: http://www.krissy.nu text: krissy.nu url: http://www.krissy.nu text: Krissy I typically talk about everything from computers, to web design, work, and daily life. There's nothing I won't discuss so you're welcome to even recommend topics while writing your review. I'll take all forms of constructive critisism. The more honest the review, the faster I'll return the favor with a link on my sidebar.


this is journal of my life, i write everything what i've seen and learn in my world

i'm still learning about this!

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